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Written by Joseph Lao, Ph.D.   
Sunday, 19 December 2010 18:08

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  • The conduct of research into the nature and nurture of expertise is the fundamental reason for our existance. Research is an integral part of each ADCI program. It is through research that we may best understand the naure of expertise, increase the efficacy of training efforts, and ultimately increase human capabilities. Our research is scientific and both basic and applied.
  • Basic Research: Basic scientific research applies scientific methods to increase our ability to describe, explain, predict, and control phenomena. One of the most important parts of this research is the development and testing of theories that attempt to explain and predict human behavior. At ADCI we are concerned with understanding the nature and nurture of expertise. Accordingly, we are conducting scientific research designed to expand our knowledge of expertise and improve mankind's theories about expertise. This involves collecting evidence (i.e., samples of human behavior) that may inform our understanding, and then comparing that evidence against theoretical predictions. Theories that are supported by the evidence we collect will be accorded more weight while theories that are either not supported or disconfirmed by this evidence will be discarded. In addition, the theories that we examine will be assessed in light of not only the evidence we collect but also evidence collected by other researchers around the world. Similarly, the coherence of the theory (both logically and in terms of its compatibility with the available evidence) will be an important factor influencing whether the theory is preserved or discarded.
  • Applied Research: Applied research is concerned with adopting available thoeries to improve the human condition. It assumes the theories are true and seeks to implement them in the form of programs or products that benefit humanity. Unlike theoretical research, which seeks to improve our understanding, applied research is intended to improve our lives in some way. At ADCI, we seek to integrate the theories and ideas of the scientific community with those of practitioners in the fields of Developmental Psychology, Education, Social Work, and Clinical Psychology to improve the lives of everyday people. In effect, we are integrating "what works" in science with "what works" in daily life.

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