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Written by Joseph Lao, Ph.D.   
Monday, 20 December 2010 10:06

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The general purpose of the parental skills course is to facilitate the study and sustainable development of skills that are conducive to raising happy, healthy, intelligent and socially adept children. Building upon a solid foundation of international research on child development and interventions with the extensive experience of nationally recognized experts in education and child care, this innovative 25 week center based program adopts interactive lectures, discussions, guided participation, home visits, and take-home exercises to help parents develop a high level of sensitivity and proficiency in dealing with children. The focus is on imparting relevant information about the nature and nurture of child development, and fostering the skills needed to optimize child growth. Additional emphasis is given to helping parents actualize a network of family, friends, and professionals that can assist in nurturing the development of their children. Some of the specific topics include family health (e.g., family planning, nutrition), stress management, conflict resolution, parenting styles, developmental norms, play, and how to teach children.

The efficacy of this program will be rigorously monitored through an extensive set of short and long-term systematic multidimensional assessments of the cognitive, emotional, physical, and social development of participants. While the most general anticipated outcome is to steer children toward productive social engagements, other outcomes include reduced family stress, improved parental efficacy, improved child academic performance, and a broad range of other specific measurable advances. These advances are expected to contribute to significant personal, family, and community benefits. In addition, it is anticipated that direct benefits accruing to participants will be accompanied by a variety of social benefits (e.g., increased tax revenue) and reduced social costs (e.g., of remedial education), many of which are likely to increase exponentially over time.

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